Fire Alarm Installation Southend On Sea

As a business or property owner, few things will be more annoying than when something gets in the way of allowing you to do business as usual. Often, the installation of fire alarms Southend on Seaand fire alarm systems can qualify as this.

But when you consider that these systems can often save you from the dangers of a fire, it seems a small price to pay. Fire can often leave you unable to do business for months, and in many cases businesses never recover.

But with Detek Fire & Security Services, you won’t have to deal with unnecessary delays that will impact your personal or business life thanks to our ability to quickly and expertly install all of your fire alarms. Plus, if you need help selecting the right system for you, we can advise on what system could be best for you before sourcing it.

If you’re in need of a fast fire alarm installation for your business or property, or you need expert advice on any other fire or security related topic, then why not get in touch with us today?

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    Fire Alarm installation Southend-On-Sea

    What is a fire alarm system?

    A fire alarm system is a building wide security system. Designed to alert occupants to the presence of a fire in the building or vicinity, it has a number of useful benefits (more on this later).

    While there are several different types of fire alarm systems available, they all carry out the same job, and they all comprise a number of devices installed throughout the building. The number of devices needed can vary depending on the system used, as can how accurately they’re able to pinpoint the location of a fire.

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    Can any Electrician Install Fire Alarms?

    Legally speaking, anyone who can be considered “competent” can install fire alarms. A competent person is considered to be anyone who has relevant training or experience and is aware of any risks and dangers. So yes, any electrician will be able to install fire alarms for you.

    If you’re looking at installing a whole new fire alarm system though, you’ll need to find someone with slightly more expertise. While many electricians will come under this bracket, some might not. To be qualified, they must have a number of certificates such as the Installation certificate and Design certificate.

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    Why do I need to get Fire Alarms Installed?

    There are many reasons why you should get fire alarms installed in your building or business. Chief among these reasons is that, for virtually any building which isn’t a small privately owned home, it’s a legal requirement to have a sufficient fire alarm system.

    But besides this, there are plenty of reasons why you should want a fire alarm system installed anyway. These include:

    • Protecting occupants – having a fire alarm system gives any occupants a much higher chance of escaping injury, or worse, as a result of a fire.
    • Protecting property – by being alerted to the presence of a fire quickly, you (or the fire services) have the best chance possible to tackle the fire before it gets out of control and damages your property.
    • Lower insurance – any steps that you can take to protect yourself against the risks of a fire are likely to lower your insurance costs.

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    Fire Alarm installation Southend-On-Sea


    What are the penalties for not having a fire alarm system?

    If you’re a business or property owner who comes under the category of being legally required to install a fire system, you could face repercussions if you fail to do so. First, you’ll probably receive a notice which will tell you how you’re not complying with the law, and what steps you need to take. If you still don’t comply, you’re likely to receive a fine. In worst case scenarios, such as if someone is hurt as a result of your negligence, you could even face prison time.

    Do I need a fire alarm system?

    For most businesses and buildings that aren’t small privately owned properties, it’s likely that you’ll be legally required to have a fire alarm system. If you’re unsure though, carry out a fire risk assessment which will help you decide if you need one or not. If you need help doing this, or you’re still unsure, consult a professional.

    Fire Alarm installation Southend-On-Sea

    No Hassle Fire Alarm Installation

    When you’re running a business or a property, the last thing you need is something that’s going to get in the way of you getting things done. That’s why we at Detek Fire & Security Services have designed our service to be as beneficial as possible to you, and not a hindrance. And we do this by:

    • We help you find the best fire alarm system to suit your purposes, saving you time and money.
    • Our installation process is quick, meaning that installing the systems will impact you as little as possible.
    • We take your feedback on board, and always strive to perfect our service.

    If you need to install a fire alarm system in your building and want it done with absolutely zero hassle, then get in touch with us today.