Fire risk assessment Essex

As a business or property owner, protecting your property and the people who occupy it is one of your top priorities, and among the variety of dangers posed to them is the risk of fire.

That’s why it’s important that you carry out a fire risk assessment. By assessing and addressing any fire hazards, you benefit from greatly reducing the risk of a fire breaking out.

But it’s not always easy to competently carry out a fire risk assessment, especially for larger properties or businesses which face complex fire hazards. That’s why it can be useful to call in an expert.

And that’s exactly what Detek Fire & Security Services are. We’ve helped a large number of clients carry out a fire risk assessment Essexof their property or business, giving them peace of mind that they’ve done everything they can to reduce the risk of a fire.

If you need to carry out a fire risk assessment, but you’re not sure where to start or believe that you face a more complex task than the average person due to the nature of your business or property, then why not get in touch with us today to see how we can help?

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    What is a fire risk assessment?

    Put simply, a fire assessment is an extensive review that’s done with the aim of highlighting any and all potential fire hazards in a business or premises. It should also make recommendations on how to remove or reduce these fire risks.

    While it’s not always needed for the risk assessment to be put into writing, it’s highly recommended that it’s done so anyway. This allows you to keep track of what risks have been highlighted, and whether appropriate action to combat these risks has been taken.

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    Can anyone do a fire risk assessment?

    The answer to this depends on how large your business or premises is.

    If you’re a larger business or you believe your premises or business poses more complex fire threats, then you’ll need to find an expert who can come in and carry out the assessment for you.

    However, if you’re a small or SME business and you don’t believe your business poses any complex fire risks, it is possible to carry out the fire risk assessment yourself, or appoint a competent person to do it for you. To carry out a fire risk assessment, you have to be able to competently follow these five steps:

    • Identify hazards.
    • Identify people at risk.
    • Evaluate, remove and reduce the risks.
    • Record your findings, prepare emergency plan and provide training.
    • Review and update regularly.

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    Fire risk assessment Essex
    Fire risk assessment Essex

    Why should I do a fire risk assessment?

    Firstly, it’s a legal requirement for any business, block of flats and any other property that’s been rented out to conduct a fire assessment. Failure to comply with the law can lead to prosecution, leading to several fines. In cases of severe negligence, especially where it caused injury to a person, the punishment could be imprisonment.

    Aside from that, carrying out a fire risk assessment reduces the risk of your property experiencing a fire. Many businesses struggle to recover after the loss of a premises due to fire, and in the best case scenario you’re still looking at a period of time where you aren’t able to carry out business as normal, so it’s always in your best interest to carry out the fire risk assessment to the best of your abilities.

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    What should the emergency plan cover?

    Your emergency plan should lay out the plan of action in the event of a fire. This includes making a note of emergency routes and exits, assigning designated meeting points, and making an inventory of what firefighting equipment there is around the premises.

    How often should my fire risk assessment be reviewed?

    You should review your fire risk assessment at least once every 12 months, and every 5 years it’s recommended that you carry out a new review altogether. You should also carry out a review of your assessment if there are any significant changes to the building or business.

    Identifying and addressing all the risks

    For many businesses or properties, it’s all too easy to miss a potential fire hazard if you’re not experienced at carrying out a fire risk assessment. Luckily, Detek Fire &Security services are experienced in carrying out thorough fire risk assessments for a wide range of Essexproperties, and we’re able to identify each and every hazard while advising how best to tackle them. And we’re able to do this thanks to our:

    Fire risk assessment Essex
    • Experience – we’ve helped a number of businesses carry out their fire risk assessments.
    • Customer service – we listen to your specific needs, and help you meet them the best way we can.
    • Wide range of services – your business and property face a wide range of dangers, from fire through to vandalism. We’re equipped to deal with all of these risks.

    If you’re in need of some help protecting your business or property against fire or any other kind of danger, then get in touch with us today, and we’ll be happy to talk you through our range of services.