Fire alarms Southend on Sea

Installing fire alarms for your property or business might sound like an easy task to take on. But, when you consider that there are a range of fire alarm system options, designs need drawing up and then the system needs to be professionally installed, you quickly begin to appreciate that it’s actually a more complicated job than it first seems.

But one thing that does make it easier is when you get some expert help, and that’s exactly what we at Detek Fire & Security are able to provide. Thanks to our wide range of services and experience gained from working with clients from a large variety of sectors, we can help you meet all of your fire and security needs, including help with fire alarms Southend On Sea.

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    Fire alarms Southend on Sea

    What is a fire alarm system?

    A fire alarm system is designed to alert you to the presence of a fire in your building. It’s a security system designed to help you protect your building from a fire. Available in a range of models and at varying costs, some will be able to tell you the general vicinity of a fire, while others will be able to tell you which exact device has sensed a fire.

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    Can I install a fire alarm system myself?

    This is a question that often comes up when people are looking into getting a fire alarm system in a bid to save themselves some money.

    Unfortunately, it’s actually illegal for you to install a fire alarm system by yourself. The only people who are able to do so are those who have the necessary training and qualification, which include the Design Certification and Installation Certification.

    But even if it was allowed, we would recommend that you hire a professional to install the system for you anyway. Doing it yourself would likely lead to buying too many or too few devices than is actually needed, the placement of them could be ineffective, and there’s always a chance that it wouldn’t even work, which would require you to call in a professional to fix anyway.

    Plus, many professionals (Detek Fire & Security Services included) would be of great assistance in helping you find the best fire alarm system to meet your needs, potentially saving you some money and helping to keep your property safe.

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    What are the benefits to getting a fire alarm system?

    There are a number of massive benefits that you reap once you get your fire alarm system installed.
    These include:

    • Complying with the law.
    • Protecting occupants from danger.
    • Protecting your property.
    • Cheaper insurance.
    • Peace of mind.

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    Fire alarms Southend on Sea


    How much does it cost to fit a smoke alarm UK?

    Both the installation and purchasing costs vary greatly, depending on several factors such as how many devices you need and what type they are. You can expect to pay anywhere between £40 and £275 per device, so it’s worth doing some research or asking an expert what would be best if you’re on a budget.

    What types of Fire Alarm Systems are there?

    There are three main types of fire alarm systems that you’re likely to purchase. Conventional, the oldest, is generally used in smaller buildings. Its initial cost is lower, but can have higher installation costs. Two wire, which is slightly more expensive than conventional but has lower installation costs, it’s generally used in small to medium sized buildings. Finally is Addressable, which is the most modern and effective fire alarm system, and is generally used for larger and more complex buildings.

    Keeping your property safe

    As a property or business owner, keeping your property, and more importantly its occupants, safe from the dangers a fire can pose is one of your top priorities. But at Detek Fire & Security, we know how difficult it can be for you to tackle all of the fire risks present in your building.

    Fire alarms Southend on Sea

    Luckily, we’re experts in this field, and we have the experience and know-how to make sure you effectively mitigate any risks. And how do we do this? Well, we do this by:

    • Assisting with Fire risk assessments – we can advise you on how to carry out a thorough fire risk assessment, making sure that each and every fire risk is identified, and all the necessary steps to tackle them are taken.
    • Installing Fire alarm systems – we’re able to help with every aspect of your fire alarm system installation, from choosing the right system for you to designing and efficiently installing it in your building.
    • Providing advice and training – if you need advice about anything Fire and Security related, we’re always happy to provide this. Plus, we can train your staff to follow any and all implemented procedures.

    If your Southend on Sea business or property could benefit from an expert assessment and a quick, easy installation of a fire alarm system, then get in touch with us today.